Private “Ah-Ha!” Sessions:

Everyone needs an “Ah-Ha!”

Grab your “Ah-Ha!” session with Lauren today and see your life in a new

(and spiritually uplifting) light!

Available by phone or Skype  …

so you can receive your “Ah-Ha!” from the comfort of your own home.

You are probably asking: What is an “Ah-Ha!” exactly? Picture this: Have you ever been in a hotel room with the blackout curtains drawn and for all the world it seems like it’s still the middle of the night, but when you stumble out of bed and draw back the curtains – Lo and Behold! The sun is shining! The world is aglow and buzzing with life! And you suddenly realize: The sun has been shining outside my window all along and I have been sitting in the dark, half asleep waiting for something that already IS!

Why wait another moment to see the light shining in your life?

Your “Ah-Ha” is waiting for you– so come and get it!

Listen: You don’t have to sit in the dark any longer. Isn’t that awesome news? Your moment has come to feel the light shining from within.

The time has come for you draw back he curtains,

so your light can shine through.

Yes, you heard right: YOUR light. Your own brilliant, Divinely-given spiritual light. The light that is waiting for you. The light that’s been in you all along, just waiting to be revealed. Let’s do this together! Let’s get you an “Ah-Ha!” you can call you own so you can go soak up that light and warmth into your life and radiate it into the world. The bottom line is this: the world need your light. Right now! Don’t deny the world your light for another moment!

Sound right? Sound appealing? Thought so. So let’s get started scheduling your appointment today. You have three very good, very fun, light-infused options and it’s all very easy-peasy to get started, so have a look-see and click on the session that suits you.  Then we’re off and running! Once I’ve received your payment, I will email you with a link to schedule your session.

Get ready for your next big “Ah-Ha!”

The “Mini” Ah-Ha! Session

20 Minute Session

Okay, truthfully, there is no such thing as a mini “Ah-ha!” All “Ah-ha’s” are huge. So technically the only thing “mini” about this session is the time. I promise the “Ah-ha” you take away will be BIG!  Together we will look at the challenge you are facing for the day and give you a Mini “Ah-Ha” to tuck away in your heart like a little gem that you can come back to over and over again as a touchstone throughout the day. I promise you that after 20 short minutes you will walk away with a little spiritual lesson created just for you that will make you glow inside every time you recall it!

Number of Mini “Ah-ha”s

The “Spiritual Degunking and Belief Debunking” Ah-Ha Session

40 Minute Session

Every so often we feel like we are sloggin’ through spiritual swamp land: Every step is painfully slow and takes more energy than we have. The spirit, which is meant to ascend sometimes get’s bogged down with emotional buildup. In this inspiring 40 minute session, we’ll look at the emotional energy and false beliefs  that are pinning you to the ground and you’ll be supplied with the spiritual lesson that give you the power to transcend the muck and the mire that is holding you back!  And what’s more, we’ll talk about tools and exercises you can use to keep your progress moving forward! Why slog when you can skip?

Number of 40-minute “Ah-ha”s

The “See the Light on Your Soul Path” Ah-Ha Session

60 minute session

I have spent years on my path as both a serious student of Kabbalah and Zen meditation. This quietness and stillness I have found through Zen and the wisdom I have received from the study of Kabbalah have put me at a unique spiritual intersection of East and West. Using mindful meditation and communication and the Kabbalah’s “Tree of Life” as our guide, we will look at balances and imbalances, blockages and flow within your Divinely-created, internal spiritual architecture. We will find a way to produce optimal flow of peace, strength, love, and creativity in your life.  You will gain remarkable insight into the spiritual flow that moves through your life.

Number of 60-minute “Ah-ha”s




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