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Be The Answer: Alec’s Story (or “The only answer to a prayer I ever needed”)

I’ve been an educator most of my adult life. ¬†Over the years I’ve seen many children whose small and innocent lives were consumed with anger and depression — traumatized by violence, deprivation, and untenable circumstances. But, there was one boy … Continue reading

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Be Sweet: Giving up Sugar and Savoring the Real Sweetness of Life

I gave up sugar a week ago. I am not bragging. It’s only been a week, and a week doesn’t especially give you bragging rights. And it certainly doesn’t earn you the privilege of finger-wagging. So just to be clear: … Continue reading

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Be Courageous: All Meaningful Paths Begin with a Single Step

The path to peace begins with unrest. The path to wisdom begins with unknowing. The path to love begins with loneliness. The path to a new life begins with the old. If we want to get to where we are … Continue reading

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