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Lauren Rosenfeld, M.A., M.Ed.

Lauren Rosenfeld, M.A., M.Ed. knows with all of her heart that daily life (with all its joyful commotion and frustrating bits and pieces) is a deep spiritual practice. She believes the ordinary is sacred. She believes the mundane is magical. She believes there are spiritual lessons in carpool lines and laundry baskets; in email inboxes and meeting agendas; in the transcendent beauty of nature and the raucous din of daily life.

She believes with every shred of her being that peaceful world is built peaceful person by peaceful person. She believes a loving world is made loving action by loving action. She believes that the world needs your happiness. So she wants you to choose peace, love, and happiness for yourself and the world. Today. Right now. In this very moment.

She is a committed Bu-Jew and an everyday mystic: a student of Kabbalah and Zen – an author, an educator, a spiritual mentor, and an inspirational speaker.

Lauren holds graduate degrees in Education and Mysticism. She is both an adoptive and biological mother. As a vocal adoption advocate, she featured the memoire of the adoption of her two sons in 2001 in the wake of 9/11 in her book, Your To Be List. Along with her teenaged daughter, she currently cofounded an SOW:IT (Sharing Our World: Interfaith Teens) an organization that brings together teens of different faith traditions to to plant and harvest food families in need in the local community.

She is an unapologetic hippie-peacenik-pluralist-dreamer who happily resides in the spiritual mecca of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, their four frequently hilarious children, their loveably neurotic dog, and their tolerably insane cat.

You can contact Lauren by email her at Lauren@YourToBeList.com.

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