How to Be Amazed: Seeing the wonder in small things

Wonder is all around us.  When we were children, we saw it everywhere we looked.  Everything was new, fresh, amazing. We grabbed the closest adult to show them these small miracles we saw in the world, from the brilliant yellow dandelions spouting through the grass, to the shape-shifting of a summer cloud.  As adults, we have grown so accustomed to seeing these things, that we fail to see them for their miraculous nature.  But nature itself has not changed.  It is still as wondrous as it ever was. (Continued below . . . )

It is we who have changed. Our eyes have dulled.  Our hearts are closed off.  We look at the yellow dandelion and we think “Weed control.” We see the clouds changing shape and we think “Must go shut the car window.” But the dandelion is just as vivid and lovely as it ever was.  And the clouds still take the shapes of our faorite animals.  Children live in a constant state of what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel called “radical amazement.” A constant state of wonder of what the world manifests before our eyes.

Your world is constantly manifesting miracles.  It’s ready to knock you socks off.  Are your socks ready?


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